Why I should choose Sun Rubber or Sun Road Safety Tech.Co., Ltd as my supplier?
Sun Rubber and Sun Road Safety was established in 1968 with fully experiences on tackling various kind of Knotty polymer problems in application. It is the leading brand in Taiwan in industry, parking, and road safety fields. The high quality products are produced under scrutinizing processing and check. The rubber roller diameter can be made from 10mm to 1500mm while the length can be made from less than 50mm to 6000mm. We are experienced on processing of NR, BR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, Silicone, CSM, Viton, PU, PE, EVA, PP, PVC, PS,...etc.
Did Sun Rubber/Road Safety have any ISO certification?
We have applied ISO 9001 for decades, and ISO 14001 recently.
Did Sun Rubber/Road Safety put any efforts on CSR or ESG?
Honestly, we started to think of sustainability regarding company development since 2000s. The products of Green Sun series were the solution of the durable polymers (rubbers or plastics). The recycle materials can be utilized as a brand-new building material. The R&D team tried very hard to develop a technique for put HDPE and Rubbers together with physical interaction. In addition, we attended many social activities, such as blood donation, and traffic products donation. The fix ratio of profit was donated to charity organization. Saving and protecting human life is not only the purpose of our products, but also the soul of our organization culture.
What kind of test you applied to the polymer products? What is your R&D team doing?
If I am not sure what kind of rubber or polymer which I am using now, can you help me recognize or c
We will applied many analysis instruments, such as FTIR, Mass, NMR, GPC, LC,...etc. Although the products, sometimes, are the mixture of polymers which is hard to separate and analyze, we still can have the clue from the application of the products according to our experiences. So just let us help!
What should I do if I want to get the quotation?
If you have the design plot, you can just provide the picture with size and materials. Also, please tell us the requirement amount you need, and then we can give you the budget. For further questions, you can also send us the email ([email protected] or [email protected]) or call us (+886 4-22781058). We will reply you as soon as possible.
If I have no idea how to set up the equipment, what can I do?
Firstly, we will ask you few questions about you circumstance for the reason that it will affect the real function after setting. Secondly, we will give you some advices to find the correct tools with special size or standards. Thirdly, we can provide you the guide and teach you how to set up the equipment step by step. Finally, you can have the full function of the products.
Can you customize the product?
Yes, but when it comes to customization, we have to well discussion with you first. In order to provide you the products you are satisfied, please let us take more time to recheck with you in every details. Thanks for your patience!
What is the trade term and payment you applied?
We prefer FOB trade term, however, we can also consider other trade terms in some countries. For payment, we prefer T/T in advanced, but L/C can be considered under certain situations.
Do you have MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?
It depends on the size of the products. According to our experience, 20 ft container might be more convenient for international trade. Because the transportation fee is too high when you just order small amount of products, we highly recommend that you can consider order more.