Sun green plate was original from the concerning of the future of earth. It was developed in 2010’s, a breakthrough of the existed technologies of polymer. We have noticed that plastic and rubber make a tremendous problems on the environment, as a producer, we always find a solution to recycle the waste of these polymer. Hence, we keep trying our best to reapplied our waste, cooperating with many academic intuition. Finally, we develop a brand new products which is light-weighted, anti-moss, and high ESCR. This material is very suitable for outdoor equipment, such as tree grill, wall plates, tiles etc. Also, we use it to make the frame of the picture or mirror, dishes, bowel since the material pass REACH and RoHs test. Those culture and creative products always our best selling products. Recently, we advanced the products again by coloring the products via CVD technologies, becoming the leading manufacturer in Taiwan. The future of earth need us to help! Let’s do it together!

Green Sun Plates/ Artificial Stones
Grass Block Pavers
Tree Grilles