The Corner Guards not only protect the pillars, but also protect the vehicle from damage. The Corner Guards are attached with reflective stickers to make it easier for people to notice the position of the pillar corners and prevent collision accidents. They are generally used in building parking lots. or factory interior collision avoidance. Taiyang Daoan provides various shapes of Corner Guards, corner guards, and edge guards, which are made of various materials, such as PVC, PE, PU, EVA, etc., as well as rubber materials with the highest safety level, and are reflective Stickers can also be chosen in different colors for differentiation.

DIY Creative Corner Guard(ACG-0-01)
L-Corner guards(CG-0-00-01)
Plastic Color Stripe Corner Guard(CG-90)
Florescent Color Stripe Corner Guard(With aluminum plate inside)(CG-98Y)
PU Foam(SECC inside)(CG-100P)
Bamboo Creative Corner Guard(CGB-01)
PU Foam(With sticker)(PCG1-1)
PU Foam(SECC inside)(PCG1-65)
PU Foam(SECC inside)(PCG1-85)
H-beam steel(PCG3/PCG3-1)
Big L right angle(RP1-1)
Big Snail roll(RP1-6)
Small L right angle(RP3-1)
Big Corner guard-large(RP6-1)
Smaill Snail roll(RP7-1)