Quality and Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Sun Rubber implemented ISO 9001:2008 in 2009 and updated ISO9001:2015 for quality management in 2020

Quality Concept: "Continuous Improvement, Customer Satisfaction"

  1. This quality policy is the highest guiding principle for the company's operations.
  2. All systems must not conflict with this policy.
  3. All colleagues of the company must understand this policy.
  4. In the process of implementation, the company should audit at any time to avoid defects, so that customers can get the guarantee of the quality of the company.

Environmental policy

Sun Rubber implemented ISO 14001:2015 environmental management in 2023

Environmental concept: "continuous improvement, reducing resource consumption"

  1. The company commits to protecting the global environment.
  2. To reduce the environmental impact due to our company's activities, products, and services, we will:
    Commit to comply with applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements related to its environmental aspects.
    Prevent pollution, reduce waste, and reduce resource depletion.
    Educate and encourage employee work with the correet attitude of environment protection.