Benefits and Training

In order to provide a complete attendance system, the high-tech attendance technology, MOA cloud system, adopted magnetic button induction and fingerprint recognition, and a complete leave review system helps us build good personnel attendance management.

Education Training

To provide employees with diverse learning channels, employees will obtain the latest knowledge and expand new knowledge via a complete training system; starting from October 2020, "Pengfei (the pseudonym of the founder of Sun Rubber) Lecture Training course" will be launched every month, providing technical courses, speech activities, and other learning resources. Also, we established convenient and flexible online learning for employees to learn in their leisure time. Employees will be arranged in external lectures for updating the latest skills in manufacturing every year.

Youth/Senior Age Employment Program

Sun Rubber provides employment opportunities for young people, and middle-aged and senior employees equally via cooperating with the government's promotion of youth employment plans and setting up workplace mentors in the management department and factory department. Sun Rubber actively hires young people who have just graduated, also the age of people from 29 years old to over 60 years old. For every new coming employee, a personal mentor will be arranged to guide them in their professional skills and working attitudes for 3 months.

Leaves and Insurance

Sun Rubber provides employees to take special leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, official leave, injury leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, sick leave, menstruation leave, family care leave, epidemic prevention leave, and other types of leave. Besides, the payment standards for sick leave and bereavement leave for some relatives are better than the labor law standards. In addition to essential labor insurance and national health insurance for employees, the factory welfare committee also helps employees with accident insurance and medical insurance, etc., or provides employees with preferential insurance for various group insurances (accident insurance, medical insurance, and anti-cancer insurance). Employees are free to choose a better insurance plan.

Marriage and Health Care Benefits

  1. When employees get married or their relatives die, funding will be given to them for handling the situation.
  2. Parental leave is provided in accordance with the law, and eligible employees may adjust their working hours according to their parenting needs.
  3. Provide a leave without pay system, and employees can apply for it as needed.
  4. Provide regular health checks for employees every two years.
  5. Design a science assessment system, appointing senior supervisors to score and evaluate the annual performance of employees in each department.

Novel Management System: Doomsday Clock

In order to motivate all employees to think about the future at all times, the company has set up a "Doomsday Clock" board in a prominent position, and faces the reality of this "morning bell and evening drum"-like reminder "If you don't work hard today, you have to work hard for finding a job tomorrow".

Life and Rewards

  1. Birthday bonus and holiday bonus
  2. Special domestic travel annually, subsidizing spring and autumn trips and year-end thanks dinners and other activities
  3. Staff restaurant
  4. Scholarships for employees’ children
  5. Well-established reward and punishment system