SUN RUBBER has specialized in the research and development of various rubber products for 50 years. In 2021, automatic manufacturing technology and optical detection equipment were introduced, improving the production efficiency and quality of the process.

Main products

SUN RUBBER mainly produces

  • all kinds of industrial rubber rollers
  • packings
  • silicone parts & food-grade silicone containers
  • O-rings & oil seals
  • rubber gaskets
  • rubber handles
  • rubber grommets
  • sound insulation pads
  • contact wheels, etc

SUN RUBBER provides OEM/ODM customized production and assists customers to design suitable polymer materials. For various purposes, we have more than one hundred formulas and more than ten processing methods to meet customer needs. Welcome to contact us.

Rubber Rollers/Rollers
Packing Rings
Rubber Gaskets
Oil Seal
Sander wheels
4-side Planer Rubber Rollers
Other Rubber Products