Sun Rubber Co., Ltd. is committed to creating value differentiation and seeking industrial upgrading. We set up a research and development center in the company headquarter, integrate technologies in various fields, and recruit research and development talents. Also, the research and development process and data were recorded punctiliously via the automatic system for improving R&D efficiency. The application of 3D printing technology provided accurate positioning for mold development which directly affects the life cycle of products. Our products can always launch faster than our competitors to seize market opportunities.

With the advantages of professional manufacturing technologies, we proclaim that we are the practitioner of safety, environmental protection, and innovation. Our spirits create a new atmosphere for polymer industries.

In addition, the R&D department focuses on the needs of customers, providing services such as technology development, product design, manufacturing evaluation, testing and verification, and risk analysis. We are not only a manufacturer, but also a service provider for customers. Growing with our customers is the reason why we can exist for more than 5 decades.