The speed bump is the founding brand product of Taiyang . It has received good reviews over the past 20 years and accounts for more than 80% of the market share of rubber speed bump in Taiwan. It is the most durable product on the market. The screw holes are specially designed and can be locked. Safe and strong on concrete floor or asphalt floors.

Speed Humps(big)(SD-01-A)
Speed Humps(medium)(SD-02-A)
Speed Humps(small)(SD-03-A)
Fixed Wire Protectors-1 groove(SD-04-A-2)
New Speed Humps(7-paddle)(SD-08-A-1)
Wire Protectors-1 groove(WP-001)
Wire protectors-2 grooves(WP-02)
Wire protectors-3 grooves(WP-03)
Wire Protectors-5 groove(WP-005)
New Speed Humps (big)
New Speed Humps (small)
NEW speed humps(medium)