1.It is 50% cheaper than traditional aluminum rubber wheels.

2. The wheel core is made of nylon which has the best tenacity and strongest rigidity, making the inner hole and surface of the wheel rust-proof and unbreakable. It is also able to withstand high temperatures up to 150℃and can be recycled to protect the environment.

3. The surface of nylon touching the rubber is designed according the tongue-and-groove theory of computer graphics which is applied with heat-resistant adhesives to prevent it from peeling off when subjected to high speed as well as high temperature, and to keep the inner hole of the sander wheel from abrading the shaft core.

4. Single injection molding construction was applied to prevent it from abrasion against the intensive rubber molecular chain.

5. It is made of BR rubber which is the major material of tire with high resistance of wear, so products with hardness from Share A 20°to 95° are available for manufacturing. It can be mixed with PU foam and PU and can be customized according to size requirements.

6. The patent of this product is pending in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the U.S. The product is protected by copyright law, so violators will be prosecuted. Product quality is guaranteed.

7. Pressure-resistant, heavy load-resistant, non-degumming

8. Low-priced with good economic benefits

9. Light, balanced, accurate, power-saving at initiation (over 1/3)

10. Low noise and vibration

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